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Brain Wiring By Gender

Hello all, as a female former research biologist, I will admit there are scientifically documented differences between male and female brains. They do not, however, involve women's thoughts/impulses being based in "emotion", and men's in "logic". Research shows for example, that while more men than women are very good at math, leading to the assumption that men in general are better at math than women, more men than women are also VERY BAD at math (have learning disabilities). In this case, men have more of a range of mathematical ability - from terrible to gifted - than women, whose abilities center more around the mean. Also, some research suggests that women use both halves of their brain simultaneously, whereas men tend to use their dominant half (left or right) more often. Is this why women say men are incapable of doing two things at once?

Women really do cry more than men, but men become violently angry more often than women. These are both emotional reactions, as Colleen pointed out.

There are probably more differences in the brain activity patterns between right and left handers than there are between men and women. For example, the language center for 1/3 of lefties is in the right brain. It's in the left for other folks - male and female.

Any neuroscience experts care to comment?

To me the gossip and backbiting in the dojo the first guy complained about is a version of the "toxic office" syndrome, rather than a problem specific to a particular gender.

I've encountered gossipy groups of backstabbing women, yes. Rather than this being indicative of "emotionalism", it might mean they are all competing with eachother (or with you!) for something. Have you never witnessed backstabby gossipy male office coworkers? I sure have. Why are they doing it? You are the competition, they wish to get ahead. Same thing.

If the office (or dojo)leadership conditions are bad, this kind of behavior can crop up.
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