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Originally posted by Unregistered

Thank you Colleen for showing once again how a woman will often "emotionally" react to something before thinking it through (or before thoroughly reading/comprehending something). Best laugh I've had all day.

-Unregistered woman
Colleen's post was, as always, coherent, well structured and logical. That you characterise it as an 'emotional response' when that was clearly not the case says more about you than it does about her.

If I may drag you back to the content of her post, you said:

Unfortunately most women think and make decisions based on emotions, where most men tend to be straightforward and logical. I know this seems sexist,(I'm female by the way), but it is just a fact of brain chemistry (checkout any biology or psychology book).
and Colleen challenged you to quote any reputable publication to support this bold assertion.

Since you're arguing about biology/physiology/psychology with a medical doctor here, if you want to have any credibility you'd best be able to quote your sources. Put up or shut up!

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