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Originally posted by aikilouis
Remember that colored belts are only given before shodan, during the very first years of learning. In my opinion the only appropriate rank for this period is 'beginner'. Why bother giving incentives and rewards when you have not accomplished anything significant ?
Signifigant to whom?
One of the oddities of gaining rank and expertise in any field is that once achieved, people sometimes forget that they were beginners at some point themselves.
Those who say "You just passed your 5th kyu test - that's nothing!" are forgetting what it felt when they passed their own; perhaps years back.
Shodan is considered 'Beginner Level' in Aikido - something with which I agree wholeheartedly; on the larger scale. However, down here at the bottom, I will be testing for my 5th Kyu in September (wish it was earlier - I have the techniques; just need the time in), and when I pass it, it will be a proud day for me. If the Shodan test is considered the first important leap; well, quite frankly right now I couldn't care less about my Shodan test - I want to pass my 5th Kyu.
BTW - if anyone's interested - just passed my 1st. level Ki test at the Kingston seminar. Was a pretty funny test; I managed to bollix the hitori-waza fairly thoroughly, at least so I thought. My examiners said I did well, but we all still got a laugh out of it!
Thanks, friends

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