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Re: Aiki Doh's

Kicked my partner while taking ukemi from shihonage or kotegaeshi.

Dropped someone while performing a back stretch.

Unintentionally slapped uke in the face during a modified iriminage.

Started to roll, saw someone in front of me, and planted my face in the mat so I wouldn't roll into her. I got a concussion. She didn't notice.

Absentmindedly bowed at the beginning of class at a point where you're not supposed to bow. it was a beginner class, so I was one of the more senior students there, and everyone else followed my lead. Sensei looks amused and says "well that's interesting"...

Accidentally reversed a shodan while taking ukemi from shihonage, after practicing for less than a month.

Threw an 11-year-old, injured, beginner student so hard that she simply crumpled into a ball.

Made a high-pitched squeek when a sandan approached me from behind and said ONEGAISHIMASU rather loudly.

one of my favorites: after being absent from the dojo for a week or two, I came back to see a new face. I was working with him on a kotegaeshi. Assuming he was a brand new student, I gently told him "you know, it doesn't really feel like you're getting me off balance..." he responds, "oh, you want me to?" and slammed me so hard I almost did my first-ever standing breakfall. turns out that he's an ikkyu student that had just come back to the dojo after a long-term injury. woops.
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