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Bruce Baker
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Attitude and what works

The simplicity of Attitude of the students, and what works should be the obvious for many training sessions and dojo's, but sometimes the overwhelming restrictions of emotional damage are felt from our private lives even though we are supposed to leave them at the door when we train. This is sometimes the worst enemy of a students attutude when practicing with newer students, or visitors to the dojo.

I know that I have visited different dojo's, and trained with both the more experienced practitioners and the new student to find that their attitude to training based on what they have brought through the door from their private lives.

Sometimes I get the dominant attitude from law enforcement professionals, or the student with a hakama knows more than the student without the hakama, but I usually blow it off as ego working itself out as they are learning Aikido. This is the nature of our society creeping into the Aikido forum which we try to recorrect with giving in to nage by being uke, or readily exchanging roles in practice.

Sure, I see the deeper martial application within the practice and its roots reaching into the arts of warrior combat, but our focus is to improve our baser instincts into a more civilized art that heals and brings harmony to our world, our society.

Maybe I am going about this the long way around, but having one or two people who are long time practitioners and are motivated by their own self ego really makes an impression when you visit different dojo's. I am none the less impressed with Saito Sensei's insight to practicing what we preach in entering a dojo.

I would guess, the simplicity of "What you should look for in a dojo" is elegant in its simplicity and practice to guide us to be better human beings.
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