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Re: Viva la resistance!

One thing I forgot to say in my last post was that Kanetsuka Sensei's ukemi is actually very different these days from what he was doing in the YouTube clip. Sometimes (though not nearly as often as, say, ten years ago) he will hold your wrist and ask you to demonstrate the movement being taught. His grip is very soft, and rather than applying resistance he brings your attention to any unconscious attempt to use force, or to any lapse in balance, by redirecting you in such a way that you fall over.

Although it is usually obvious to me what the subject of this lesson is doing wrong, it feels very peculiar when it happens to me. I have little idea where I am at fault, but I just can't grasp his centre, and the more I try, the more I seem to miss and the worse my own balance becomes. I certainly have no sense that he is resisting at all. I'm sure the rest of the class are able to see my mistakes very clearly, though...

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