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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

Originally posted by Unregistered
As time went on, however, more and more women have joined, as they have contributed many positve things, as we all have. However, I have noticed a rise in - get ready - back-biting, gossiping and a much more negative feeling all around. What have others experienced ? Has anyone noticed this occurrence ?
I have seen dojos where the women have not behaved according to the dojos general tone of dojo behaviour; simply because they are not expected to. This has been environments where women in general are not taken seriously as practitioners, but regarded nice things to have around... like flowers that make the world much nicer and warmer, but they are not really expected to learn much aikido.
Originally posted by Pretoriano Let them laugh, and gossip, give them some cookies, what you can do against nature?
they just bring some color, gracious dancing like movements. They dont really bother anyone?
well, pretty much like this. I have difficulties in deciding if this post is meant to be ironic or not! Luckily, these places are exceptions as far as I know. When this is how it works, a serious female practitioner will probably like to keep the number of women in the dojo to a minimum, as more women decrease her chances as being seen as an aikido practitioner, instead of primarily as a woman, on the mat.

Hanna Björk
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