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Re: Who's eligible to teach Aikido? And what level a sensei should be?

I taught a great group of highschoolers some basics, and I feel that my main goal was probably achieved. Taking them from, "What's Aikido?" to them having a fundamental concept and knowledge of the art, hopefully will lead to a couple of them checking out a dojo someday. Now, I am a yonkyu who has missed some tests. So, maybe I could pass the sankyu or even nikkyu tests (I'd probably have to brush up on koshi and ushiro first). I guess what I've realized is, an Aikidoka, even a mudansha, can teach much to those who know much less. If I tried to train yudansha, I might not do much good on a whole. I also feel I usually did an okay job teaching at my dojo on days when Sensei couldn't make it.

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