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Ivan Lezhnjov Jr.
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Question Who's eligible to teach Aikido? And what level a sensei should be?

Hey what's up everybody.

My name's Ivan and I live in Ukraine.This is my first post on AikiWeb and I really need your opinion on a couple of questions I've got.

I've been pondering on starting learning Aikido for years. I'm 24 and I've been very, very interested in it since the childhood when I was doing SAMBO (САМБО). SAMBO is rooted in judo as you might know and it relatively resembles Aikido except I find Aikido even more fascinating for various reasons.

Okay, long story short I'm on the verge of making a decision of joining local dojo and I guess I'd never have to go on-line and ask these questions but the situation I'm in impels me to do it, kind of.

First of all, who's eligible to teach Aikido? I'm really concerned with the probability that there are dishonest people who pursue not the art but some other goals. No, I don't have any premise to think that people teaching Aikido in my town are dishonest and deceive their students. I just want to make sure that someone who says he can teach Aikido is really eligible to do it and is actually teaching Aikido. I hope you see what I mean here...

Then the second question would be like the following. What level a sensei should be to effectively teach Aikido? It's a common sense that a more experienced someone is at something the more effectively he/she will be able to teach you. But really I think I feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone being a teacher while still being actually a student himself.

What I mean here is that most likely in my town the guy who teaches Aikido has 1st, 2nd dan max. This is really the case. The highest rank Aikido practitioner in Ukraine is 5th dan, Kiyv the capital of Ukraine.

I believe 5th dan is a decent achievement and it makes a lot of sense to learn from a person with so much experience.

But hey 1st and 2nd dan... these people are still students themselves, right?

I wonder if it's worth joining dojo and being a student of a student. (I realize this is a philosophical question... everyone is a student but still)

Or is it just me being biased?

So, those are my question and dilemma stopping me from running to dojo and taking lessons just today.

Tell me what you think about it all.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
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