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About 3 years ago I twisted my left knee pretty badly. I was chasing my brother through the house (as a large man of 20 is sometimes apt to do ) and I stepped down solidly while twisting my body.

I went down and tried to get up again but something felt a little wierd. I checked my knee and found the kneecap to be situated along the outside of my leg. In the panic I popped it back into place and called my parents to drive me to the doctor.

I started Aikido about 3 weeks ago and have so far attended about 13 classes. Living in the southern hemisphere it is now deep winter down here and so far all I have experienced is some fatigue to BOTH knees after extensive seiza and shikko. I also hear an audible crunch from the left knee when getting up from seiza.

I am somewhat worried about the knee but I am sure that if I take the techniques and especially the footwork (with the tenkan style pivoting on the ball of the foot) slowly and do them correctly I can keep practicing for a long time to come.

My biggest problem so far is that I am somewhat heavy on my knees when taking ukemi but hopefully with practice I will be able to do it softer and smoother and not put so much pressure on my knee.
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