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hi aries, our dojo all our black belts are all yudansha holders and we have 6 kyu levels (I think this is pretty much the case with other dojos)

6th Kyu = Junior White
5th Kyu = Senior White
4th Kyu = Junior Blue
3th Kyu = Senior Blue
2nd Kyu = Junior Brown
1st Kyu = Senior Brown
Black = Shodan, Nidan, etc...

this is the first time i've heard of the BLACK - NOT SHODAN ranking, is your school teaching TRADITIONAL or COMBAT AIKIDO?

well about the 'teaching' thing, that doesn't happen in our dojo and i guess there isn't much anyone could do about it 'cuz that is the system they adopted to follow right?



"Masakatsu Agatsu"
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