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Re: knee problems

Originally posted by petra
...I asked him about training and he said as long as my knee did not swell or get to painful, go ahead and train, the better shape I am prior to operation the sooner I recover. ...

I know aikido an knee problems sometimes seem to go hand in hand but I would realy appreciate if people would share their experience with knee surgery and training afterwards. I am getting a little anxious that this just might be the end of aikido for me for quite some time.
Hello Petra

I'm not sure if this will help. I had a serious knee injury a number of years ago. Basically, a hyperextension injury that tore the ligaments around my knee. Won't bore you or the rest of the forum with the details but I was given some options including surgery. I opted for the extensive physiotherapy and some nasty antiinflamatory drugs. That worked and I'm continuing to train in aikido including the shikko and suwari waza.

My knee sometimes bothers me in the winter (as the doctor did warn me about), but its manageable via linament, heat packs, a knee support bandage/brace and taking it a little easy in training.

Other than that it hasnt hampered my training.

Hope this helps. Happy training.

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