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Philippine ranking and other stories

In the Philippines, at least in the Dojo that started Aikido in the Philippines, (Circa 1962, by Sensei Galarpe, now based in Guam)Aikikai Philippines and its students that started their own school, the ranking system being followed is as follows:

White belt - 5th Kyu
Purple - 4th Kyu
Green - 3rd Kyu
Blue - 2nd Kyu
Brown - 1st Kyu
BLACK - Shodan 1st Dan
So on and so forth.

The questions here are these:

Isn't BLACK BELT normally is SHODAN?
What then is the rank of their black belt?
Is there a similar ranking anywhere?

Some other DOJO's in the Philippines does not follow this system. Only the students from the original DOJO adapted the ranking system.

Also on the same Dojo, once a student reached black belt they are no longer required to pay the monthly dues but they are however EXPECTED to help in teaching new students. In the absence of the Kaicho the senior black belt is expected to TEACH together with the other black belts. Hence a black belt is always referred to as SENSEI( READ: ALL BLACK BELTS). A black belt may also be assigned to other branches of the DOJO should there be vacancies or new branches. Fees will be to the Kaicho only allowances will be given to the Sensei heading the branch. Yet some black belts are not yet SHODAN (others are Shodan and above though). Its not uncommon to to see someone who has been black belt for three years (plus three years of KYU ranking) yet not being a SHODAN. Only black belt.

What am I rattling about? Nothing, just sharing with you the practices here. It may sound weird to some though.

Opinions, inquiries and replies are welcome.
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