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Re: Not coping with the new sensei

I confront people when I have problems, sensei or not. If I find what someone is saying to me degrading or insulting I will tell them and I will be nice.

If they are unwilling to change their attitude then I will stop giving them my hard earned (ok so it's not really earned that hard) cash and find another place that will give me the respect I deserve.

It could be a dojo that is ran by O'Sensei, Helio, and Kano at the same time and if they didn't give me the respect I deserve as a person I'm going to give them the old middle finger and walk out.

I am no one's servant or whipping boy. I am a paying student and customer. I deserve the respect that comes with that. If I degraded a student in my classes I would be fired. So it is only fair the same happens to them.

That said, you have to make sure you are not getting constructive criticism. If someone said "Don, you are sucking so bad because you aren't putting in the time you need to, your slacking off and your cardio sucks." I can't really be angry if it is true.

However, calling someone stupid, worthess, or treating them like a servant is not constructive in anyway. No matter what some "That's how they do it in the old days" guy says.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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