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Re: The Challenge of Not Competing

Interesting discussion.

Imho competition is a mirror - it reflects certain truths about those involved in it.

By its very nature one is placed under varying levels of pressure that requires one to perform at levels that one may never achieve if not for the effects of said pressure.

The thing is that pressure can have different effects depending on characters of the persons involved - some become selfish, others become selfless, many are somewhere in between. There are those who may be willing to cheat or injure his opponent to ensure victory, another may use the opportunity to develop a level of skill where the destructive approach is not necessary.

To me the self-development aspect of Aikido is all about improving the quality of the entire reflection in the mirror (i.e. the total self). It is up to me to decide whether I become selfish or self-less under pressure; or whether I destroy or create when challenged out of my comfort zone.

To some, breaking the mirror may serve their purpose equally well as the actual image is no longer seen and they can then create whatever reflection they want in their own mind. This becomes their personal truth, but it is not an objective truth and may become undone when met with certain challenges. The result is insularity.

I like Kevin's earlier post regarding accountability and authenticity. I think it is very apt in this context.

Just my 2 cents.

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