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Originally posted by Chocolateuke
...Would have you started and keeped going at Aikido if we didnt have ranks, colored belts, and the whatever else you recive for promotions?
Hello Dallas

Yes I would have. For me it has always been about improving, training and learning; not about the collection of coloured belts or rank. Others, I would hazard a guess, may like to see some tangible outcome or "reward" for their efforts as a measure of their progress and that is fine. Each to their own Vive le Difference!

Kind of reminds me of a Monty Python Skit...
One guy in front of thousands shouting "You're all individuals!!" One lone voice shouts back..."I'm NOT!"

There may be other reasons for having a ranking system that others in this forum with more experience and mat time than I may wish to comment on.

Happy training all

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