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Re: Shiko Training

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
Hey Budd,

Thank you for that explanation. It helps me to understand and put things into context a bit. I haven't specifically been doing any internal arts exercises/training at all. However, I do workout and do a lot of core training and some yoga that has helped me to some degree with my movements, speed, expending less energy, having flexibility and elasticity, balance and having the cardio to keep going. I don't know if its the right type of training, but something seems to be working...for me at least.

I appreciate everyones comments.
Hi Eric,

You know, I think a lot of it, too is about quality of life and anything that makes you operate better and will help keep you strong as you get older is a major plus. Unlike a lot of "doing martial arts" that has had a bit of cumulative damaging effects over time (oi, the back and knees), this kind of training seems to be overall strengthening and helping these things be mitigated and otherwise managed as well.

What I would really say, though, is don't form too strong a viewpoint on "discussions around this stuff" until you can get some hands on time with people, because it really has to be felt.


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