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Unhappy knee problems

About 2 months ago I managed to twist my knee pretty badly during a very normal action, which was stepping through the front door. My knee was giving my some trouble prior to the door incident but nothing major enough to go see a doctor (although in hindsight I probably should have paid a visit to my GP a lot earlier). Next day I went to see the GP who sent me to a specialist with the news that my knee looked good in general (no swelling or other nasty things) but I might just have a torn meniscus. The specialist took an X-ray, which looked good and twisted my knee, which resulted in excrutiating pain and confirmed the statement of my GP, probably a torn meniscus but my ligaments were in great shape and he scheduled me for surgery (ergoscopy) to, in his words, clean up the inside of my knee. I asked him about training and he said as long as my knee did not swell or get to painful, go ahead and train, the better shape I am prior to operation the sooner I recover. After limping for a couple of weeks things started getting better and now, a month to go before the operation I am back on the mat in pretty good shape as long as a leave shikko and suwari waza out.
I know aikido an knee problems sometimes seem to go hand in hand but I would realy appreciate if people would share their experience with knee surgery and training afterwards. I am getting a little anxious that this just might be the end of aikido for me for quite some time.


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