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Re: Not coping with the new sensei

Respect is a two-way street.

It sounds like your current sensei isn't treating her students with respect, even if the students are respectful to sensei

I agree with Anne-Marie - trust your instincts. If it's making you unhappy, then don't go back.

All you need to say to the other students is that you feel that sensei's lack of respect towards her students is preventing you from training well and improving, so you are going to find another dojo.

Don't get into a sensei-bashing gossip session with them as that will only get back to her and will not do any of you any good!

One of you has to take decisive action, and you will probably find that if you leave the other students won't be far behind you if it's really that bad

I've trained under instructors who didn't respect their students, and I never would again - you learn nothing good from them My Sensei is one of the most respectful people I've ever trained with, and he sets a great example for all of us, so the dojo culture is one of high mutual respect between all of us As a result everybody learns, improves and most of all ENJOYS their Aikido

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