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Re: Taoistic Aikido

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So, using Tao in aikido practice is not simply putting emphasis on the last syllable of the name of the art, but viewing it from another angle altogether. A Taoistic approach needs to look at what happens on the tatami from far beyond it, contemplating what marks the patterns of the training make on the world as a whole - which should be as minute as ever possible, and thereby have the most power to cause a change for the better...
Perhaps we are in agreement here but to clarify - if one accepts that the translation is Ai Ki Dao then labels such as Taoistic Aikido become superfluous as by definition Aikido is thus?

And yes - embracing the universe via Aikido allows an impact at levels far beyond the tatami...and far beyond my meagre comprehension.

You may be interested in a collection of oral teachings by Lao-Tseu which are in a collection called Hua Hu Ching. I believe they have been compiled by an american writer Mr Brian Walker.


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