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Sascha Witt
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To answer the original question. Our dojo is fairly new (not even 2 years old), but at least so far there seems to be no problems (gender related or otherwise). The group we have so far provides a very positive environment... and yes we do have a few women (admittedly not very many) in our classes. I'd say it's not "women" that cause the problem (even if at your dojo it happens to be women), but a certain type of unpleasant personality.

As for "politically incorect" I still say whoever came up with that garbage concept is seriously "psychological challenged" (I hope that's the "politically correct" way of saying "nuts"). It is no more than an excuse for people frustrated in their lives to let out their frustrations on someone else by twisting every word in their mouths.

On to studies on men and women: scientist tell you one thing now and another 10 years later often dependent on what happens to be "politically correct" and/or socially acceptable at the time and the bias the scientist has... I wouldn't put too much faith into them, especially since I'd give any woman a run for her money when it comes to being emotional or illogical.

Lastly I wish to point out that if it weren't for men enjoying to "wrestle" with women (and I dare say vice versa) non of us would be alive today. I find it sad that this concept is so offensive, taboo and politically incorrect in our society.
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