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Well, I did "throw a bone". I published the pertinent drawing relating to the muscle-tendon channels of the body that relate to "ki strength" and how it is conveyed through the body, connected/controlled at the dantien/hara (the unlabeled arrow), and so forth. The basic muscle-tendon channel configurations are what its all about, down to the finest detail. Remember, I said that once you grab a portion of this logic involving ki and movement, the rest inexorably follows. In fact, it gets quite complex, the whole theory of movement, and it involves not only the main dantien/hara/one-point, but also the secondary dantiens at the chest and at the perineum.
are you saying something like (call me crazy)
1. a dantien can create torque on the body. Can generate or dissipate. we have multiple such dantiens. (even the eye-one? serioulsy?>)
2. each dantien can create torque on the body
3. alignment (i.e. orientation), timing and intensity of each dantien can effect each other. the net out-coupling of dantien vector-axes combinations are the world-vector. can move this rapidly while in motion.
4. can resonate dantiens in time.
5. next crazy thing.
6. add weapons
7. etc.

no way. way?
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