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I have no idea what relevance "leaning on a spiral line" has to do with this... that one you own. In terms of mistakes, where to start? There are too many. Ultimately, you have to start modifying an "X" in order to account for some of the things that functionally arise or to explain some of the more sophisticated methods of developing power. But maybe Dan has a more sophisticated explanation of his "X" figure.


Mike Sigman
these are ideas. these are photons off a screen. what is 'it'?
enlightenment or delusion, who is to say (douka?)
leaning. like leaning into a sling. like leaning into the wind. but *in* your body.
i don't whink i own smish. wtf. and you shouldn't either.
paul chek. sling system.
leaning into the various lines. front-to-back or side-to-side.
have you ever read of pavel tsatsouline?

Hey Mike,
You trying to milk Dan?
Did you hear the song?
Do you think you could take him in a fight to the death?

There are too many.
Sureley then you wouldn't mind one example so I could understand?

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