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Taj Mikel
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Lightbulb Thoughts on Creating a Training Mat?

Hey everyone,

My room mate and I began training Aikido about two months ago, and are looking for a way to practice a bit while at home. We have a park nearby, but it's basically condensed dirt (red clay) and may as well be a sidewalk

I've noticed that a few places online sell "jigsaw" mats for use, and we were thinking about getting a few of those and plugging them all together in our back yard (atop a tarp maybe, as back yard is rocks). I'm just curious, do any of you have experience with these jigsaw mats, and are they good for Aikido training? I mainly just want to make sure that they hold up fairly well, can be taken down/set up relatively quickly, and will actually provide some sort of cushion for Aikido based techniques. Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks much for your time!

Also, I have been looking at getting a bokken for solo, as well as dojo practice. Online it seems there are an infinite number of sources for bokken. Some seem extremely cheap, along the lines of 5-10 dollars, but then some seem fairly expensive by comparison, ranging from 50 to 100 dollars. What are y'alls thoughts on bokken and quality vs. price?

Thanks again guys!

-Ty A. Knight
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