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Re: Shiko Training

Outstanding posts. Thank you.

Some thoughts I had;

Most of our conversations have been about the structure. For the record; I hope that continues. Almost infinite depth, there alone.
Structure. This is critical but, I think, not the whole of the story. One way to frame the discussion is to say: "Among others, the body has Skeletal, Muscular and Effort/Intent systems"
The following post is about the Effort/Intent system in the body. These are tangible material skills and nothing metaphysical.

… There's a particular reason to do Shiko, as opposed to say Fune Kogi Undo, but for all practical purposes they're just facets of the same jewel…
I guess this is all obvious, but I have not yet seen or heard it laid out like this, despite direct questions:

I think both are conditioning exercises refined for differing purposes. Both are related to bodyskill, and tie to use/application of dantien.

Fune Kogi Undo is predominantly a ki-pump exercise.
(read: assisting spirit-effort-pump (rising/falling energy) with mechanical rowing motion)

Shiko is predominantly a whole body connectivity exercise.
(read: strengthening interconnections)

These are opposite sides of the same coin.
the >thread< of commonality of the jewel is in working with the ki.

..the practice of the membrane is difficult, and the practice of Qi is more difficult.
Briefly, I see it like this; Working with the membrane is like the forcing of blood thru it. A kind of flexing. Or a ‘body breath', if you like. The spirit effort of pushing the blood thru it, is what I take as ki. It is something that happens naturally; but through these practices something that 'conscious thought' seeks to manipulate. A systemhack, if you will.

In regards to ki:

Shiko is in holding the pressure in a quasi-static way; and Fune Kogi Undo is in circulating/modulating the pressure around a circuit.
From one point of view, analogous to DC vs. AC circuits, respectively. But they are definitely related.

Shiko is about maintaining this fullness throughout the movement. Practicing keeping it full and steady while the whole body connectivity is the focus. In movement, no less. This helps to attain & re-enforce that suspended feeling that was alluded to earlier.
Doing this over time literally knits the body making and strengthening interconnections in the various systems (muscular/fascial/skeletal/circulatory).
In a very literal and real way pressure leads to capillaries, muscle chains, fascial nexus, etc, opening and requires the feedback loop that is the body to build, re-inforce, strengthen, etc;. This is a part of the changing of the body. I think Shiko can be a practice to set(/increase) the maximum DC voltage/tension/breath-pressure limits the body (/sausage suit) is capable of. Done by equilibrating the body structure against an ever growing progression of loading asymmetry. And what a nice movement Shiko provides to allow you to control the load you can handle.

Fune Kogi Undo is about controlling where the fullness is in the cycle of the movement. Practicing moving and circulating it. The opening and closing feelings in the pelvic crease (/kua) tgwk mentioned is part of this loop/cycle.
Think of a peristaltic flexing action. Except it can be visualized as a traveling pressure wave of blood/flexing. Doing this is by manipulating your (/with your) ki and posture-shifting your body structure and synchronization of the two. With breath timing involved, no less.
Doing this over time will lead to skill in moving/controlling/circulating/tension/relaxation in a dynamic way. It will help to imprint this pressure manipulation cycle into normal movement patterns. I believe that this is what the >Inaba< quotes refer to (i.e. how to move it).
(search: "even if you grasp timing")

This is just what I think. And my limited understanding.
Truly, we are wonderfully and fearfully made.

Be careful. And be gentle. You know that hemorrhaging and broken blood vessels exist and are possible.
Kaizen is the rule here. Don't break yourself. Physically, spiritually or emotionally.
That would certainly not be worth it.
It's just another thing you can do with your body.

I likewise reserve the right to be wrong now and/or later.
I am definitely not wrong about the being careful part though.
I hope this helps... and that it doesn't hurt.

Best to all,

p.s. dang. too long again. i just get all revved up. sorry.
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