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Re: The Practice of Aikido

Drew Gardner wrote: View Post
Ledyard Sensei,

It is clear from I think every post I've read of yours that you have dynamic, profound, and novel philosophies pertaining to Aikido. Add these to your level of experience, and I wonder if you've written a book. If not, do you plan on it someday?

You know, I have contemplated that idea for some time. Certainly, I have had a number of folks say that they would like me too... But then I talk to Ellis or Bill Gleason and hear how much work it takes to get one published and I find my will to do so weakening accordingly. For the time being, I think I will stick to making dvds. They let my get my ideas across and be able to do so dynamically in a way that might be more clear to folks than a book would be.

But thanks for the interest... it's not out of the question. Possibly when I am a bit older and not so busy traveling etc.

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