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Re: The Practice of Aikido

George S. Ledyard wrote:
... if the principle inside the form isn't there, the technique shouldn't work.
And vice versa. What I am saying is if the technique doesn't work the principle is not there and this applies inside and outside the dojo for the technique and principle.

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
The martial paradigm is necessary but it isn't about fighting, in my strongly held opinion.
. Not everyone who disagrees with you is taking Aikido to go out and kick ass.

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If one feels that the practice is enhancing ones ability to connect, that it removes barriers, that one is increasingly less fearful, etc then so-called "progress" is being made.

You can have achieved this object and still get the crap beaten out of you by someone who knows what he is doing because the form we use to develop our understanding of principle is ill suited to the purpose of fighting.
If you got the crap beat out of you wouldn't that make you more fearful and be a barrier to your progress.

O'Sensei had a burning ambition for power, strength and martial ability and he achieved it. I bet he did not have a barrier or fear about getting the crap beat out of him even in his later years. His martial ability was intact inside and outside the dojo.

I understand what O'Sensei said about competition and winning but in the 24 years since I started Aikido I have never read or heard where he said that your Aikido should not be practical or effective.

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