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Re: Training when you can't train (injured newbie)?

Hi Walter, David, and Kevin,

Thank you for mentioning the stability ball. I'm using mine for the shoulder PT, but have been neglecting core/balance work on it. That's a great tool for improving one's seat/balance for riding as well.

I've been doing a bit of walking (about a mile at lunch), but could be doing more. Lots of benefits and few risks with that. Can't walk to the dojo (it's on the way home from work, too far from either end of the trip to walk there), but I can find other opportunities. Anyone want to loan me a puppy?

Walter, I'm glad to hear your Sensei is doing well. The prognosis for recovering from a shoulder separation is very good, but I sure don't recommend the experience.

Kevin - sorry about your injuries! We are about the same age. I agree, an appropriate level of training is key to being able to continue for many years.

David, I think I'll stick some notes around to remind me of posture, breathing, and moving correctly. It's so easy to fall into old habits. A little ongoing awareness can make a big difference over time.

Time to go do horsey things, and edit last night's star party photos. Many thanks for all the good ideas!


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