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Re: Practical Aikido DVD - Robert Koga

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Virtually all of the original Aikido folks started in Judo, here and in Japan. Shodan in those days is not what Shodan is now, they REALLY trained. And back in the early sixties there simply weren't many folks with higher rank. Anyway, this guy has street experience with his Aikido that would make most 6th Dans look silly. This guy is a real historical personage in American Aikido and deserves some serious respect. He may not be a Tanemura but he is the real meal deal.
I dont mean any disrespect to the man but i have serious doubts about his "practical aikido" i have owned and watched his videos, and was very unimpressed. As i stated above chin na would be more applicable to police work. As it would be easier to learn in a shorter amount of time, with a whole lot of more locks and such. Chin na encompasses alot of muscle grabs and pressure point manipulations as well which would be highly effective in police work.
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