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Re: Practical Aikido DVD - Robert Koga

Brian Northrup wrote: View Post
Not a very good source for Aikido at all. It would be more beneficial for you to buy some Japanese Jujutsu dvds, or some chin na dvds.

He started in Judo and i believe that his base in that is more predominate than Aikido. I dont know for certain but i believe that he didnt even reach shodan level in Aikido.

Now all that being said i have owned these dvds. And maybe they are ok for law enforcement, but i would find another source for learning to be quite honest. No offense, this is just my opinion.

Sincerely, Brian
Virtually all of the original Aikido folks started in Judo, here and in Japan. Shodan in those days is not what Shodan is now, they REALLY trained. And back in the early sixties there simply weren't many folks with higher rank. Anyway, this guy has street experience with his Aikido that would make most 6th Dans look silly. This guy is a real historical personage in American Aikido and deserves some serious respect. He may not be a Tanemura but he is the real meal deal.

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