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Re: Practical Aikido DVD - Robert Koga

Steven Bittle wrote: View Post
Hello all,

Looking at purchasing Robert Koga's Practical AIkido DVDs and I was wanting to know if any of you have these and what your opinion of them are. Do these give you a pretty good idea about the underlying principles of his Aikido. Is it mostly demonstration or does he talk about why he made changes he did to given techniques.


Koga Sensei was the first person to teach Aikido based Defensive tactics in the US. He is the grand-daddy of "applied Aikido". This guy did his stuff on the street and taught others to do so.

I have the videos and his written manual. It's great stuff but suffers from the same problem that my own system does... no one in law enforcement is going to train enough to get past chapter one.

Koga's stuff is too complex for official use in any agency that I know of because they simply will not devote the hours needed to master such a system.

If you are interested in the side of Aikido that deals with applying technique against folks who know nothing about Aikido, these are fine videos. You can also check out David Dye's videos as well, he was a Costa Mesa cop who took his Yoshinkai Aikido and made his own DT system.

This material is excellent, it just depends on what you want it for...

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