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Question Training when you can't train (injured newbie)?

I'm a newbie who's only participated in a few classes (6) so far, and am benched for another 3 weeks at least. (Drat.) My shoulder is injured, but other parts are working reasonably well. I can't roll (all the way over), and can't fall, and must not lift my arm above shoulder height for a while. Doing PT and making decent progress, at least.

I've found lots of good ideas in other related threads, like the current "Solo Training" thread, and another about things to do while you're out with an injury (watch classes and videos, read books and these forums...). Lots of helpful info so far. I've been doing general fitness stuff (elliptical, walking, stretches...), learning terminology, and plowing through new collection of books at an alarming rate. Now sitting by the front door waiting for Ellis Amdur's new book and Ukemi DVD to arrive.

So... My question... I'm looking for aiki/aikido-specific training activities that an injured Aikido newbie can do while recovering. I've figured out a few - these are examples of the level of difficulty I'm looking for:
  • Getting my right hamstring unknotted, through exercise and stretching, so that knee is comfortable in seiza.
  • I've learned (I hope) the right way to get into/out of seiza, and practice that.
  • Practicing moving into hanmi, centering, breathing, extending. Checking/correcting posture in window reflection.
  • I'm a pro at being tense and holding my breath (d'oh!) so I've been doing sitting back-rolls (not all the way over), exhaling down, inhaling up, being as relaxed and round as possible. I'm hoping that getting my body into this habit will help with breathing and staying relaxed in faster/harder rolls and falls later.

That's about all I've figured out to do so far. Any suggestions? Balance exercises? Breathing or mind stuff? Tiny component pieces of techniques that I could practice now? I'm just at a loss about what to try. I know someone here will have some brilliant ideas.

Many thanks!

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