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Originally posted by Unregistered

...I can understand that the members of the Shinjinkai club dispute the statements from AAA alleging the stripping of rank by Hombu dojo -- who would want to believe anything as extreme as that about the "leader" that they have supported and believed. I suppose that the truth will be revealed when the first of his members tests for a Dan rank, only to find out that no valid membership from Aikikai headquarters will be issued. Yes, they are simply pieces of paper, but they give you validation. Validation which Mr. Moore is unable to provide.
Again, I can see how Moore Sensei loses his Hombu authorization to issue kyu ranks and recommend dan ranks; it's automatic when one leaves a Hombu affiliated organization. This is NOT the same as being stripped of rank. That is a specific act where the person has to return their certificates. Has Moore Sensei been asked to return his? If not, it is just playing fast and loose with the language to imply that he has.

As for loyalty, I've been told by my Shihan, Yamada Sensei, that it's alright with him to go to classes at dojos outside of the USAF. If an 8th Dan says it's OK, that's good enough for me.

Lastly, I'm only interested in this topic because I've been making a database of Aikido groups in the US and am keeping an eye on the happenings of various organizations. I have no direct knowledge, but I have seen indications that at least one other Sensei in the AAA is considering leaving.