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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13

Hello Susan,

Have you come across the writings of M Nakazono on kototama? My old teacher K Chiba used to speak very warmly of his aikido. Nakazono moved to New Mexico in the US and wrote books on kototama, as he preferred to call it. I will discuss these later.

Personally, I believe that kotodama is a rather dangerous concept. In his new book, Gleason believes that it is quite different from a magic spell and says many positive things about it. Like Nakazono's writings, I do not find his arguments at all convincing and this is partly why I believe that it is necessary to take a strictly historical, evolutionary, approach to kotodama.

Actually, I download PDF files of my own articles and keep them. (I also continuously modify the original Word files in which they were / are written, so that the early columns are now somewhat different from those archived here.)

Many thanks for your comments.


Susan Dalton wrote: View Post
"Thanks for everything! Your articles have been depleting my printer ink for a while now... So much to learn and only one lifetime."

Yes, this is definitely when reading on a computer screen will not do. That hard copy in front of me allows me to reread, mull over, and mark up. Like you, Keith, I realize I have much to learn and such a short time to hope to do it. Thank you, Peter, for the extensive work you've done and for sharing it.

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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