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Re: "Stripped of rank"

Well, I agree with James that if a person is good enough to earn a certain rank, stripping him from this rank will not admonish his skills.

If it would happen to me, I would feel in my right to start a new organization, or join another rival one.

Of course, this opinion has nothing to do with the current issue, which details I don't, and I don't intend to, know.

Originally posted by Jim ashby
Be gentle with me, this is a genuine question. If a person is "Stripped of rank" surely they still have the knowledge and skills that they had before. If they then go on to start a new organisation/club/whatever they can call themselves what they like. I know this is going to get me flamed, but whatever organisation is started it has to start somewhere, with or without another person/organisation's blessing. Let us not forget that Aikido was started in the Twentieth century. I'd be very interested to know who verified/authorised the forming of the new art?
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