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Bruce Baker
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A Bit emotional, Eh?

For the record, Colleen and I would not get along, for the simple reason when she hit me and hurt herself it would be my fault for her getting hurt ... and all I did was stand there?

Even though I see your point, and girly boys who cheer you on, that post was read as emotionally catalyzed, when posting without emotion was the subject.

Until you find your emotional attachment, your huband/wife and get that out of the way/in perspective, you are a boat in search of a harbor susecptable to all kinds of emotional baggage/ let alone the politics of military life no one wants to talk about? Specifically, this is not aimed at any one person, as the subject of backbiting is an attempt to gain some emotional stability by creating instabity from others social comfort in the community, i.e. the Aikido community.

Being the old married guy, I get varied results with women who practice and expect to get control of every situation, when the inevitablity of non-control should be the farthest thing from your conscious mind with practicing. I guess that is why most self control freaks try to avoid me after they have hurt themselves by struggling to attain superiority when being uke in stead of harmonizing with an overwhelming force?

I commend Collen for her content, but I condemn her emotional "wrong, wrong, Wrong" and deliberations into the emotional arena.

As for the subject matter of the question ... it only becomes important if you make it important. Don't make it important.
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