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Bruce Baker
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Power struggle/ minorities

Although I am an outsider, and generally I don't care about politics, it seems the void created by the death of Toyoda sensei is beginning to show its internal cracks in the AAA?

Whether the student is aware of it or not, there is a whole drama of egos, politics, and power struggle going on behind the scenes is all of the Aikido organizations. Some deny it, some divert the subject, and some try to cut to the truth of human failings, but in the end we are all subject to the humanity we prescribe to in being human beings.

It isn't the first time an individual will break away from an organization, and it won't be the last.

I don't know the details, but as long an individual is recognized by Hombu and approved by the them within the political hierarchy, then they will continue to be within the Aikido designation of martial arts.

I have already seen some minor politics, and I don't really care for them, but then my livelihood, and life's work is not Aikido? Don't most of us consider Aikido our hobby, not our life's work?

Which brings up another thought about instructors who burn the candle at both ends, in the middle and up aroun the sides? We will leave that go for another time.

If this situation is not serious, it will work out in time with another organization recognized by Hombu. If not ... well ... let's just concentrate on practice and let the politicians bump heads. There is enough ego in regular life without bringing it into the dojo.