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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Further BTW, I've often wondered how the Nativists justify using foreign writing systems to represent "pure native" anything even if their practice presumably evolved from a murky supposedly pure oral tradition. It seems like one would be stuck either appealing to some larger Catholic purity subsuming all forms of communication, or trying to assert the purity of a Parochially pure communication improbably denying exterior influences and the entropy caused by the passage of time.
PAG. I tackle this question in Column 14. Motoori Norinaga spent much time dredging the Kojiki for evidence of 'pure' Japanese sounds, used in antiquity. Hirata Atsutane, also, believed in pure Japanese sounds.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Nice reading. I'll be interested to see how many copies of your book sell. I'm told that fiction sells better than non-fiction on the whole. Better double check your pension!

PAG. Well, I would not expect the non-fiction books to be bestsellers. We shall see how many copies Ellis sells of his new book.

I am planning a novel, by the way: a novel full of violent murders at an aikido training seminar, conducted by Doshu and senior Japanese shihans. Among the students are MMA devotees and exponents of internal training, who happen to believe that Doshu's classes are a complete waste of time...



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