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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Little by Little

Another young lady who cried through most of at least ten classes finishes the semester helping other students with test prep and performs beautifully on her own 6th kyu test. "Gambarimasu," she says.

A young man with very little short term memory can't remember most of the techniques, even after just doing them or having them done to him. However, no matter how I attack, he can find shihonage. Yokomenuchi, there it is, shomenuchi, there it is, ushiro dori, there it is. We're doing jyu waza at the end of class and I'm uke, coming in fast with different attacks; he finds shihonage regardless. Now he drops to his knees for hanmi hantachi, and it's shihonage again. The class applauds, and he grins, big, so big.

Maybe aikido can help the world be a better place. Little by little.
Thank you.


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