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Originally posted by ca
Alright, once again a stupid post deserving to be ignored has had so many incorrect replies I can't stand it anymore. To the 'unregistered' (sidebar to all of you, you are suppposed to at least use a different name, eg 'unregistered2' etc so we can tell you apart on a thread) who said she was female and then said most females are emotional based on physiology---sorry, you are wrong. WRONG. Don't make statements you can't back up. Feel free to quote any reputible publication.

I am a female who has spent her life in a male predominant world--the only thing that makes the fighter pilot world look feminine is a surgical residency--and I can tell you from experience that many males react emotionally and gossip with the best of them. A male 'emotional' reaction vs a female one is yell/swear/punch something vs cry, but both are emotional. We as a male dominated society just seem to deal better with the former. The best known gossip in my dojo is one of the male yudansha. Hands down. I've met mean sadistic men and women. Too soft men and women. Too introverted and extroverted men and women.

And to the fellow who had to wait while the women hogged the showers, I have spent 18 years of my life expeiencing the same thing---but with the men hogging the time. I had to wait in surgery while the guys used the changing room, first and longest. I've had 10 minutes in the shower tent while deployed, while the guys had 23 hours and 50 minutes. Usually it was at 'useful' times like 0300, or 1130. Almost always, it was after a popular men's time, so there would be only cold water left. I have been places where I am the second most senior officer on a base, and the one male above and four males below me have private tents, while I as a female share mine with 12 other females, a ratio seen only in the lowest enlisted ranks among the men deployed.

Sometimes in life, bad things happen. Unfair things happen. Grow up and get on with it, and don't try to pigeon hole people into a group so you can blame their whole section of the population. There is no biological/chemical cause for women to be logical and men not, for men to gossip and women not (yes, I meant what I wrote, and if you think it was backwards read the third sentence in this paragraph again). People are individuals, and basing your expeience and opinion of them on their genitalia or the color of their skin is so inappropriate that I am amazed Jun would let something like this be raised on this forum.
Thank you Colleen for showing once again how a woman will often "emotionally" react to something before thinking it through (or before thoroughly reading/comprehending something). Best laugh I've had all day.

-Unregistered woman
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