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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13

Hello Charles,

To understand Morihei Ueshiba on kotodama, I think one has to have some notion of Kukai / Shingon on seed syllables, of Motoori Norinaga on the Kojiki, of Hirata Atsutane's popularization of nativism, and also of Deguchi's Reikai Monogatari. I possess Japanese editions of the relevant materials here, except Kukai.

For this article, I needed a reliable source on Kukai. I do not have access to his writings in Japanese, so had to make do with Hakeda's edition of his works. I know about Yamasaki, but saw little Omoto influence in the book. I checked his account of Shingon with that given by Hakeda in his long introduction, and with the other materials I have on Japanese religion. I was hoping that the two Aikiweb experts on Shingon, Allen B and Fred Little, can shed more light than I can.

By comparison, the Man'yoshu is much easier. I have three main scholarly editions in Japanese and can read all the learned commentaries. The Man'yoshu is crucial for understanding the nativists.

Best wishes,


Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Dr. Goldsbury,

I have just scanned the piece and will print it out tomorrow for a more thorough reading.

I have a prelimary question concerning Taiko Yamasaki's Shingon book. As you likely know, it is not a direct translation but a kind of compilation of a couple of Yamasaki's books with some added material done by the translaters/compilers who are Omoto adherents and the whole project was sponsored by Omoto. I am wondering how much of an Omoto "imprint" is on the book.

Years ago I studied Ajikan with Thomas Dreitlin who was a student of Yamasaki's, and this would be a better question for him, however I have lost contact with him.

Anyway, thank you for the article.

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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