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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13


(Butting in and apologizing in advance)

I didn't know that about the Yamasaki Shingon book. That information is interesting. Nevertheless, I poses quite an extensive library on the subject by various authors and was ordained and trained in two different Shingon lineages, both in America and Japan, and find nothing in Yamasaki's book, nor in Peter's quotes, that would give one pause or seem particularly odd or out of the ordinary.


BTW, "anointing" and/or purifying with water is present in Shingon as well. The anointing is reportedly taken from an ancient practice used to "empower" royalty during the "crowning ceremony" in India.

Further BTW, I've often wondered how the Nativists justify using foreign writing systems to represent "pure native" anything even if their practice presumably evolved from a murky supposedly pure oral tradition. It seems like one would be stuck either appealing to some larger Catholic purity subsuming all forms of communication, or trying to assert the purity of a Parochially pure communication improbably denying exterior influences and the entropy caused by the passage of time.

Nice reading. I'll be interested to see how many copies of your book sell. I'm told that fiction sells better than non-fiction on the whole. Better double check your pension!


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Dr. Goldsbury,

I have just scanned the piece and will print it out tomorrow for a more thorough reading.

I have a prelimary question concerning Taiko Yamasaki's Shingon book. As you likely know, it is not a direct translation but a kind of compilation of a couple of Yamasaki's books with some added material done by the translaters/compilers who are Omoto adherents and the whole project was sponsored by Omoto. I am wondering how much of an Omoto "imprint" is on the book.

Years ago I studied Ajikan with Thomas Dreitlin who was a student of Yamasaki's, and this would be a better question for him, however I have lost contact with him.

Anyway, thank you for the article.

~ Allen Beebe
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