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Re: Solo Training

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I can't speak to this idea you always bring up of "I've got a secret" Other than people just won't talk to you about what they do.
How did this become another personal discussion about me, Dan?
I have noticed that I have never heard of you showing Shiko or using it as a training tool, or much anything else substantial to anyone.
How does this become another discussion about me personally, Dan? My comment had more to do with "there might be more to it than some "experts" think, so maybe shiko is worth more discussion than just "I've got a secret". No personalities were mentioned by me.
Ark and I are demonstrating and teaching it. Rob and I have talked since I brought it up on E-budo years ago. Even more so about the differences in approach; back then Ark was talking about maintaining left and right axis and I openly discussed "Crossline" body work. I have noticed his more recent DVDs now include a translation of ..."Crossline" body work, or X line work. Which is a good thing since it sets up and works with the same paths in the body that lead to spiraling energy.
Good ole Ark.... he's now learning stuff you've known for years. Attaboy. "Spiralling energy"? How does that work, Dan? Where did you learn all this stuff? Koryu? Which koryu? What koryu uses "spralling energy"? Why not discuss it out loud so we can see if you know more than just terms? Sounds like you've still got a mole on the QiJin list.
But where Ark and I both have people that have trained with us for a while- me being the longest with over sixteen years-I have never heard of any student base or history of people you have raised-up who have any substantial skills. "Do you have any students or groups that have trained with you for any lengthy period of time who can demonstrate clear and definable skills that they learned directly from you? Nothing recent, I mean week by week people from lets say- ten years or so ago,Mike?"
Back to a discussion about widdle ole me, again? Why not just talk about Shiko?

Bear in mind that I'm still basically encouraging people to talk about these issues because I think it would be better for most peoples' practice if they did. What I've been opposed to from the beginning is these fiefdoms and mini-kingdoms because I think that's just going to start the cycle again, so my thing is to encourage more open discussion. If you want to answer the point instead of trying to turn the discussion to me (or to you, as seems to happen so often), why not engage the point and debate whether there might be some aspects to shiko out there that some of "experts" may not know?

Incidentally, there's a deja vu quality about how you don't want to publicly discuss things because of your koryu vows, but occasionally you do drop some nuggets, like the above about spiralling, etc. Oddly, those same nuggets have already been discussed, each time, on some other forum (like QiJin, for example). Amazing how in-synch we are sometimes. But the point I'd make is that regardless of avant-garde discussions about "spiralling" and other things, there's still more out there that is just as important, if not more important, to the topic. A more open discussion would ensure that people learn more and it would also stop the development of the mini-kingdoms and massive egos which are (IMO) so detrimental to good martial arts progress.


Mike Sigman
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