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I dunno.... I suspect that there are a lot of people out there who are sure they know what shiko does and how to do it. Yet probably there are missing parts from everyone's understanding, so it's probably more helpful to everyone who "knows" to discuss the exercise more openly, in case there's parts that they're missing. The "I know a secret" stuff is what continually (through the centuries) causes this stuff to get lost and to degrade because people don't know as much as they think they do. It's an endless cycle.


Mike Sigman
I dunno I suspect there are people out there who know what they were taught and are unconcerned what people on the internet looking for information think of their training.
I can't speak to this idea you always bring up of "I've got a secret" Other than people just won't talk to you about what they do.
I have noticed that I have never heard of you showing Shiko or using it as a training tool, or much anything else substantial to anyone. Ark and I are demonstrating and teaching it. Rob and I have talked since I brought it up on E-budo years ago. Even more so about the differences in approach; back then Ark was talking about maintaining left and right axis and I openly discussed "Crossline" body work. I have noticed his more recent DVDs now include a translation of ..."Crossline" body work, or X line work. Which is a good thing since it sets up and works with the same paths in the body that lead to spiraling energy.

But where Ark and I both have people that have trained with us for a while- me being the longest with over sixteen years-I have never heard of any student base or history of people you have raised-up who have any substantial skills. "Do you have any students or groups that have trained with you for any lengthy period of time who can demonstrate clear and definable skills that they learned directly from you? Nothing recent, I mean week by week people from lets say- ten years or so ago,Mike?"

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