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Originally posted by Tim Jacobsen
I think that if I were attacked I would react instinctively. My reaction would be based on the persons attack (punch, kick, or stab) and I would move in a way that blends with the individual's movement and apply the first technique that my position allowed. The result of the technique would depend on the speed of the attack my perceived intention of it as well as the commitment to the attack the opponent has. If this happens to cause serious injury to the attacker then I would feel empathy for his injuries but not regret for my actions as they were only derived from his attack. I voted that I would not injure an attacker on the poll only because this is what I hope would happen.
Or, you will be stuck like a deer in the lights of an oncoming train, while punches will rain on your head and you will see bright white lights, and there will be crying and gnashing of teeth.

Never discard the most likely outcome.
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