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I, too am a member of AAA. I'm wondering why, when Mr. Moore and the members of his organization have been so vocal in their criticism of the AAA, why anyone who is currently an AAA member would wish to train with him AND retain their membership in the AAA? Why train in an organization that has been accused of such cruel treatment as the AAA? And that you personally feel threatened by? Sounds like you yourself are unclear about your commitment. As Toyoda Sensei always said "you have to be clear". You need to think long and hard about where your loyalties are. The aikido world is based upon loyalties and it seems as though yours are split. Organizations grow because of the work of dedicated, loyal students -- how can the AAA grow with the attitude that you exhibit? With every new member that walks in the door, will you encourage them to check out the Shinjinkai club?

If your motive for staying with the AAA is in order to get that coveted dan certificate then your training is all for the wrong reason -- you simply want the affiliation and credentials that AAA can provide.

I can understand that the members of the Shinjinkai club dispute the statements from AAA alleging the stripping of rank by Hombu dojo -- who would want to believe anything as extreme as that about the "leader" that they have supported and believed. I suppose that the truth will be revealed when the first of his members tests for a Dan rank, only to find out that no valid membership from Aikikai headquarters will be issued. Yes, they are simply pieces of paper, but they give you validation. Validation which Mr. Moore is unable to provide.
I am the person, the original UNREGISTERED that posted the openning question. I feel this has gotton a little off the path I wished it to go. Perhaps that members of AAA should have a group meeting on which to air their differences and come to a mutually agreeable solution - I wish them luck in their endeavors. But I do wish to respond to the above post....

For me, Aikdo is where my loyalties lie. If I do not get what I need in my training at a certain location, then it is time to move on - an old dojo shouldn't hold grudges if I, or anyone, decide to leave. This is my right, as it is for all aikidoists. Aikido is much bigger than all the petty feelings and misc rumors or perceived insults. Training at other dojos that are not members of our system, or that are not affiliated with us, is encouraged where I train, and I know Toyoda sensei encouraged this as well - we are that secure in our training and organization / place in the world to not be bothered by those that wish to do so. After all, the spreading of the "gospel" that is Aikido should be, really, the goal, don't you think ? I seem to remember an interview that quoted Fumio Toyoda as saying, "What we do in Aikido is harmonize. I like that. Mutual cooperation, and training in harmony." I remember another quote that said, in response to a question of why he does what he does, I think, aikido is about spreading love. (I can find the link for those that wish me to).

And a final Toyoda sensei quote, "The worst situation is where some sensei compares his aikido to someone else's by saying, "Mine's better." Of course he can't really know that what he's doing is better, but if he's saying that publicly, he loses. I believe he loses as a person. He can teach whatever he believes, but he's not supposed to speak about any other instructor like that. As a sensei, and as a student, he destroys himself.
It's hard sometimes. When you teach, you emphasize what you believe, and you present it to your students. That's fine. But if you talk about particular people or mention names, that is something else. If you can't control your ego, you lose face and stature." This is from a published interview.

I think that is a good quote to end on.