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Originally posted by Unregistered
"For the record; nobody who chose to leave and follow shinjinkai has been threatened. They were warned about their possible future recognition with Hombu Dojo if they were to associate with this person that has been stripped of their rank at Hombu."

I am posting anonymously because I am member of AAA and for the record, we have been threatened that if we have any contact with the Shinshinkai group, we'll be kicked out of AAA.
I have no idea whether or not the above is true or not (or some kind of misunderstanding). However, if someone told me something like that I'd be out the door in a minute, no need to kick me out - I make my own decisions about who I can and cannot associate or train with.

In my own case, I've just taken a Dan test and know that if I'm under any suspicion, I'll never get my certificate.
Wouldn't be worth it, for me, but that's up to you. It's just a piece of paper, after all, for all that it was officially stamped and sealed by some secretary in the hombu office.

Finally, about Moore Sensei's status with Hombu dojo or his rank, students I know who are involved with his group have told me that there has been no confirmation regarding AAA's claims from Hombu dojo. So it remains to be seen what the story is about that one. From the sounds of it, they don't seem too concerned with the issue.
As with Jim, I only know personally of one person who's even been "stripped", and that one was for something quite serious (the same case that Jim mentioned). However, I wouldn't be all that surprised if there were others, since my hunch is that a Japanese organization would tend to be on the quiet side about that kind of thing.