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With davids permmision ( sounds like school) I would like to ask a question! It might change the topic if randori a bit but this is a randori thread! When you do randori correctly what do you feel ( i mean as Tori, Nage, Shite whatever your dojo calls it)? also as uke how do you keep up with fast pacing nages??

In my expirence when my sensei says my throwing was good in randori I dont feel a dang thing. I feel kinda empty just at the moment even though I'm moving around the mat. This doens't mean I just let uke fly I controll him. this mearly means that when I do throw correctly I feel balenced and focused enough that my body doesn't need attention to worry. When I do "bad" nage im off balance, dont pivot enough and have to focuse on my body to stay up. My technqe isnt powerful and my focuse is all over!

As uke I tend to think myself as a rag doll. A rag doll is flexible and can be waged around hard and not have anything broken. I still have to have balence to stay up till nage says fall ( by throwing me!). But, when Nage is fast I am much more focused on my extention to nage, I try not to predict what nage is going to do but feel nage intentions and wait till he says fall. predictions are deadly because nage might have a technque with a similar start but differn't ending. Oone variation of Kokyo ho is like this ( at the dojo I go to) you extend ukes arm and put your arm at the elbow and use your body to make him roll. But Shionages start is similar, but, you raise ukes arm ( rather you go under his arm) and lock the elbow. So, I try to keep my extention open to all options nage might have. When Nage goes fast, This must happen fast which is why I must be focues and in the moment so I dont doddle and land on my head!

Dallas Adolphsen
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