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Re: Tips for kids class

I've found from training with preadolescents that many are much more capable, focused, and dedicated than I ever thought they would be. I recommend training somewhat gentler with them, but perhaps with not even any less intensity. Flying ukemi and koshinage could be taken out of sessions for safety reasons, but it is quite amazing to realize these mini-people are still people.

This wasn't even at a kid's class, although there might have been a few youngsters among the 20 or so, where I saw Dumlao Sensei (USAF) play a game at the end. I had never seen it before. It was a game of tag while crawling as if under barbed wire in the military. Everyone looked like they loved it. The challenge was that the person who was "it" had to tag another Aikdoka who had never been "it." I had brought a couple friends with me, and during this game at the end, I said to them, "Forget everything you saw before. This is pure Aikido."

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