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Jason Morgan
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Re: Aiki Doh's

We were practicing tantodori one day. The technique was a gokkyo against a "psycho stab" I believe. It begins with nage entering with a deflection against the knife wielding arm that is also an atemi to uke's temple. So my uke comes down with his strike and I perform the deflection but uke's grip is too loose on the wooden tanto. The tanto flies out of uke's hand and wham, slams right into my forehead.

Later during the same class we are practicing Tai-Otoshi. It was my turn as uke and somehow my partner and the other two people in class synch up the throws perfectly. The other uke and I are thrown at the exact same time and in such a way that we slam headfirst into each other and knock heads fairly hard. Of course I have to pop up and say "It's just my head that got hit, nothing important."
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